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“I wish I could give a thousands stars. My experience with FLAG has been immeasurable incredible, every single staff member is completely professional, welcoming, gentle and amicable. They will work on your case seriously. These attorneys not only put their knowledge and brains, but they also put their hearts and their humane side. Their work ethic is impeccable, they are extremely professional, serious, they waste no time, Sara L. Schwartzman and Katherine F. Thomas are incredible attorneys, the best I’ve ever seen. I am more than please with their services. I can, and I will, without a doubt and hesitation recommend this firm. They will represent you and advocate for you like warriors. They fought for my son’s, and my rights with their teeth, now my son and I are in better conditions thanks to their extremely hard work. These two women are definitely my heroes, they are Wonder Women.”

Luisa M.


Flag Family Law

MVLS Volunteer lawyer @flagfamilylaw was able to bring Mr. Phoenix’s daughter home to Md. within 3 weeks of taking the case. “There’s no way I would have been able to [regain custody of my daughter] without @flagfamilylaw and @mvlsprobono.”

– Mr. Phoenix

A Fantastic Lawyer Who Truly Cares About Her Clients

Flag Family Law

This sounds so corny, but when I think about how to describe Sarah, I immediately think of the movie Jerry Maguire. At the end of the movie when Jerry and Rod are celebrating after the big game, a player from a different team asks his agent “Why don’t we have that kind of relationship?” I can picture people saying that when they see Sarah waiting outside a court room with her client. She is honest, straightforward, caring, and has integrity. She has sound judgment based off of extensive experience in family law and is also extremely intelligent. I have been through a lot with Sarah, and I believe that she truly cares about doing what is best for the people who she represents. Sarah was the third attorney who I worked with during my very ugly divorce and child custody dispute, and she was the first attorney who was actually able to help me. She made sure I understood what I could reasonably expect as an outcome whenever we discussed my options, and she didn’t placate me. Sarah has the unique ability to get right to the point and tell it ” like it is” while also being sensitive and considerate, which means that she isn’t wasting time and racking up needless billable hours. Since she is a parent herself, she can relate to her clients’ sometimes desperate desire to do everything they can for their kids, so she doesn’t minimize the pain and heartache they are experiencing. Instead she shows compassion as she helps her clients stay as calm and rational as possible while navigating the often unpleasant court system. I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone in need of a family law attorney.


A Champion for Children

Flag Family Law

Michael Katz represented our grandchild in a CINA case involving neglect. Michael was an excellent advocate in helping obtain services for our grandchild, and when it was clear that reunification would not occur, he educated us in the adoption process and guided us through a very emotional, highly contested TPR hearing. Michael was very responsive to our communication, organized, prepared, knowledgeable and provided excellent advocacy in the courtroom. Most of all, Michael’s advocacy allowed us to provide a permanent home for our grandchild and for that we will always be grateful. We highly recommend Michael and his firm.

Jean and Tom

A Gifted Attorney

Flag Family Law

I am a male who has fought hard for custody of my young son. Mrs. Schwartzman has been my attorney for almost a year and a half. During this time, Mrs. Schwartzman has remained by my side and fought hard, day and night, to make sure that I had every opportunity possible to spend time with my son. She has fought tirelessly throughout the entire legal proceedings. She always explained (in great detail) exactly what the next step would be and exactly what to expect throughout each and every step. Many times I felt defeated and I felt like being granted custody of my son was only a dream and it would never become a reality. Mrs. Schwartzman never gave up on me or my son. She fought tooth and nail and in the end I was granted FULL custody of my son!!! Thanks to Mrs. Schwartzman I am now living the ultimate dream! I could have never won custody of my son without her. Mrs. Schwartzman is a Godsend! She gave me back my son and she also gave me back a lifetime full of joy and happiness. I trust her with my life! Mrs. Schwartzman is the greatest attorney this planet has ever seen!


Outstanding Attorney

Flag Family Law

Ms. Thomas was a pleasure to work with during my case. She was always available and quickly returned my calls and emails. She is an excellent advocate for my son and she won my case for him. He now has all the help he needs in school because of her determination. I would highly recommend her for a child advocate in school.



Flag Family Law

I was referred to Sarah by a friend of a friend because I really had no idea what I was doing in looking for a divorce lawyer (I had initially tried to do everything myself). I must say that the one bright spot out of my divorce was the work of Sarah. She not only looked after my needs but also what was best for my two young boys. While I’m sure she has tried hundreds if not thousands of divorce cases, she truly made it feel like my case was important to her and that she was working exclusively on mine. I know that isn’t true because of how professional, compassionate and organized she was she must get referrals from previous clients all the time. While I don’t wish a divorce on anyone as it is an extremely stressful and sad time, Sarah was the one constant that I could depend on throughout the whole process. Anytime I called she either answered my call then or if she was with another client or in court she would get back to me within the hour. I cannot stress enough how happy I am with her work. My case was “ripe” on March 31st and I was divorced on April 1st. Every step along the way she kept me informed of what was going on and where I needed to be and at what time. I would recommend Sarah without any reservations to my best friend, relative, colleague, or anyone with whom I had respect for and cared about. She was a Godsend.


Collaborative Divorce

Flag Family Law

Sarah represented me for my Collaborative Divorce case. Logically, I accepted the process but emotionally it was very difficult. Sarah kept in constant contact and skillfully assisted me through the process. I can confidently say that I came through the ordeal better than I could have hoped and gained much confidence in successfully supporting my family.


Sarah Novak Nesbitt: Distinguishing Characteristics

Flag Family Law

Sarah is an exceptional, very professional and knowledgeable Family Law attorney. She had a genuine interest in my case and a practice of keeping fees contained. She provides a realistic picture of what you need to know versus what you want to hear. She has an ability to quickly and accurately assess your situation and provide a best case, worst case and most likely case scenario. Sarah is personable, engaging and emotionally intelligent. She has the ability to work with a wide variety of people and personalities. I wouldn’t think twice about engaging Sarah again, if needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Given my considerable experience with family law professionals, Sara has a distinct competitive advantage to many family law practitioners.


Thank you Sarah!

Flag Family Law

Sarah’s work was excellent. I had a very difficult divorce case, financially complex, hampered with many dramatic events. Sarah has the ability to look at multiple aspects of the case, from her social worker background. She sees the legal, psychological aspects, family, financial, and strategic concerns. She keeps the client well-informed and up to date regarding the next steps in the process. Her ability to write and plan are excellent. Getting divorced is very painful and causes a lot of fear. I was confident in Sarah’s legal experience and abilities to guide me through this transformation. By the way, my life is great now! I would highly recommend Sarah as your attorney.


Professional, Prepared and Supportive

Flag Family Law
Anne Kelly Laynor was referred to me by a friend.  She initially represented me during my divorce and then a year later during a custody dispute.  Not only did she provide the professional services I required, but she did so in a way that was more like one friend supporting another.  She was extremely prepared and always in control of the situation.  Most importantly for me though, she was a calming force during an extremely emotional time.  I feel extremely lucky and even grateful to have had her by my side.

Always Advocated For My Best Interest!

Flag Family Law

Sara Schwartzman was great during such a stressful time of having to go to custody court. My questions were always answered timely and I felt secure knowing that she had my best interest.