A Fantastic Lawyer Who Truly Cares About Her Clients

This sounds so corny, but when I think about how to describe Sarah, I immediately think of the movie Jerry Maguire. At the end of the movie when Jerry and Rod are celebrating after the big game, a player from a different team asks his agent “Why don’t we have that kind of relationship?” I can picture people saying that when they see Sarah waiting outside a court room with her client. She is honest, straightforward, caring, and has integrity. She has sound judgment based off of extensive experience in family law and is also extremely intelligent. I have been through a lot with Sarah, and I believe that she truly cares about doing what is best for the people who she represents. Sarah was the third attorney who I worked with during my very ugly divorce and child custody dispute, and she was the first attorney who was actually able to help me. She made sure I understood what I could reasonably expect as an outcome whenever we discussed my options, and she didn’t placate me. Sarah has the unique ability to get right to the point and tell it ” like it is” while also being sensitive and considerate, which means that she isn’t wasting time and racking up needless billable hours. Since she is a parent herself, she can relate to her clients’ sometimes desperate desire to do everything they can for their kids, so she doesn’t minimize the pain and heartache they are experiencing. Instead she shows compassion as she helps her clients stay as calm and rational as possible while navigating the often unpleasant court system. I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone in need of a family law attorney.