A Gifted Attorney

I am a male who has fought hard for custody of my young son. Mrs. Schwartzman has been my attorney for almost a year and a half. During this time, Mrs. Schwartzman has remained by my side and fought hard, day and night, to make sure that I had every opportunity possible to spend time with my son. She has fought tirelessly throughout the entire legal proceedings. She always explained (in great detail) exactly what the next step would be and exactly what to expect throughout each and every step. Many times I felt defeated and I felt like being granted custody of my son was only a dream and it would never become a reality. Mrs. Schwartzman never gave up on me or my son. She fought tooth and nail and in the end I was granted FULL custody of my son!!! Thanks to Mrs. Schwartzman I am now living the ultimate dream! I could have never won custody of my son without her. Mrs. Schwartzman is a Godsend! She gave me back my son and she also gave me back a lifetime full of joy and happiness. I trust her with my life! Mrs. Schwartzman is the greatest attorney this planet has ever seen!