Litigation is an avenue for parties to resolve disputes in family law cases through the court process whereby the court makes the ultimate decision in a variety of cases, including:

  • divorce
  • custody
  • alimony
  • property distribution
  • child support
  • modification of custody, alimony or child support

The law provides very specific guidelines concerning litigation.

In domestic cases, one party files a complaint and the opposing party files an answer. The parties then partake in discovery whereby disclosure of certain information is required.

Attempts may be made to mediate or settle the case.

If the issues cannot be resolved, a hearing is conducted and the judge makes the final decision as to the outcome of the case. The judgment may be appealed to the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland.


When you meet with an attorney at FLAG, we will ensure that you are informed of all options to resolve your legal issues, not just litigation.

FLAG strongly believes that it best serves all parties, especially children, if resolution of legal disputes occurs outside of the court system.

However, we also recognize that one party may be angry, vindictive, unreasonable and unwilling to amicably settle a case and, in such a situation, litigation may be the only option for that family to reach a resolution.

In such instances, FLAG attorneys are trained, prepared and experienced in being zealous advocates in adversarial situations for our clients.

We understand the best way to articulate our client’s position to the court is through a well thought out and constructed presentation of our client’s case.

We will:

  • thoroughly prepare your case
  • keep you apprised of all developments
  • seek a resolution outside of court if the opportunity arises

The goal of litigation is to resolve disputes with court intervention because alternative means have proven unsuccessful.

We offer our clients experienced, prepared, knowledgeable, articulate, well-communicated representation with passion that resonates from practicing in our chosen profession with a desire to strengthen families and achieve desirable outcomes.