Modification of Custody / Access Orders

Custody Modification Lawyers With Offices in Columbia, Towson, and Rockville, Maryland


Any court order pertaining to children is always subject to modification by the court if:

— there has been a material change in circumstances since the entry of the prior court order

— the court determines that a modification is in the best interest of the child


The law requires that a change in circumstance that impacts the best interest of the child regarding a custody and/or visitation order must be demonstrated by the moving party to consider a modification of the order.

Every modification case is different and depends on the family’s specific circumstances and the court’s original order or the parties’ original agreement.

Once the court determines that a material change in circumstance has occurred, the court will re-evaluate the current facts and make a new determination as to what is now in the best interest of the child.


A material change in circumstance is a legal finding that requires the existence of certain facts and a review of your family’s history and current situation.

Our experienced attorneys can analyze your situation and offer guidance on whether a court is likely to find that a sufficient change in circumstances exists.

Our attorneys have extensive experience:

  •  drafting pleadings
  • preparing for litigation
  • arguing in court for modifications

Our attorneys attempt to resolve modification situations through alternative dispute resolution when possible. They can:

  • assess the facts of your case
  • provide you with feedback regarding the likelihood of success
  • educate you about what circumstances would warrant a modification in custody or visitation

The goal of a modification order is to make changes in the existing order if warranted for the child’s best interests.

Family circumstances change over time and certain changes may require changes to existing orders.

Allow our attorneys to assess your situation and help you make important decisions that directly affect your family.