Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Attorneys with Offices in Columbia, Towson, and Rockville, Maryland


Collaborative law is an Alternative Dispute Resolution process that allows parties going through the divorce process to resolve their legal matters in a private, civil and respectful manner with the assistance of a supportive team of professionals.

The collaborative law process is child-centered. It allows parties to focus on what is best for their child by resolving their family law dispute without court intervention and with a team of professionals.


There are three basic principles that are followed when implementing a collaborative law approach:

  • The parties agree that they will resolve their dispute without litigation in a non-adversarial approach
  • They agree to use problem-solving methods to encourage open communication and cooperation
  • They agree that the needs and priorities of the parties and their children will be the center of any resolution.

Any violation of these underlying principles resulting in litigation requires the collaborative attorney to terminate the attorney/client relationship.


The Managing Attorney of FLAG’s Family Law Division, Sarah Nesbitt Novak, has been specifically trained and certified in the collaborative law approach since she began her practice of law.

All collaborative attorneys must go through a formal training over several days to ensure a complete understanding of the collaborative principles and the collaborative process.

We will assist you in prioritizing your needs and focusing on the future instead of being stuck in the past. We will implement a team approach to collaborative law and provide referrals to both mental health and financial professionals to assist our clients.


The goal of collaborative law is to remove the litigation option as a form of resolution, thus increasing the incentive to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome that recognizes the best interest of any minor children.

The collaborative approach coincides with FLAG’s approach to empower our clients so that they can be informed, knowledgeable, dignified and focused on their future and their child’s well-being.

FLAG attorneys are uniquely trained in this innovative approach to family law disputes which serves the best interest of all parties concerned.