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When facing a legal issue that personally affects your life and your family’s future, you want a team of attorneys who have dedicated their careers to working with and supporting children and families. The attorneys at Family Legal Advocacy Group are focused on assisting families through the most challenging times of their lives with empathy, guidance and a strong, experienced voice in the legal process. It takes innovative minds to craft alternative solutions for families in crisis. We aim to uplift and strengthen families by allowing them to control their destiny.

We recognize that you have many choices when selecting a family law firm to provide you with representation; we strongly believe that what sets us apart is our attorneys’ life-long commitment to and passion for helping children and families.

Divorce and Child Custody

The decision to divorce and dissolve your marriage can be emotionally and economically stressful. As part of your divorce, there are many issues, such as child custody, to resolve for your family to move forward to a brighter future. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process, educate you on your options, help you problem solve, and be your voice in court if litigation is necessary. Our attorneys at Family Legal Advocacy Group, LLC are knowledgeable and experienced with the divorce and child custody process, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. More importantly, our attorneys are caring, empathetic, and zealous advocates with proven track records of success. Our goal is to help every family move forward to the life that they deserve through a family-centered and wholistic approach.

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What Our Clients Say

Selecting a law firm to entrust the most personal and meaningful aspects of your life can be a daunting sometimes frightening task. We will help guide you through this difficult process.

We have a passion and dedication for helping families, it is this passion that allows us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and their families.

Sarah Novak Nesbitt is “honest, straightforward, caring, and has integrity”. – Janine

Sara Schwartzman “fought tooth and nail and in the end I was granted FULL custody of my son!! Gave me back my son… and a lifetime full of joy and happiness”. – Danny

Michael Katz is “organized, prepared, knowledgeable and provided excellent advocacy”. – Jean & Tom

Sara Schwartzman and Katherine Thomas are “incredible attorneys, the best I’ve ever seen“. – Luisa

“There is no way I would have been able to [regain custody of my daughter] without flagfamilylaw.” – Mr. Phoenix

Anne Kelly Laynor was “professional, prepared, supportive and a calming force during an extremely emotional time”.  – Richard

Anna Lindner is professional, responsive and provides quality representation. Highly Recommend! –

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MICHAEL S. KATZ, ESQ. Managing Partner
Sarah Novak SARAH NOVAK NESBITT, ESQ. Partner, Supervising Attorney
EMILY P. KONING, ESQ. Senior Attorney
KATHERINE F. THOMAS, ESQ. Senior Associate Attorney
ANNA C. LINDNER, ESQ. Associate Attorney
JESSICA K. KEISTER, ESQ. Associate Attorney