Incredible Attorneys

“I wish I could give a thousands stars. My experience with FLAG has been immeasurable incredible, every single staff member is completely professional, welcoming, gentle and amicable. They will work on your case seriously. These attorneys not only put their knowledge and brains, but they also put their hearts and their humane side. Their work ethic is impeccable, they are extremely professional, serious, they waste no time, Sara L. Schwartzman and Katherine F. Thomas are incredible attorneys, the best I’ve ever seen. I am more than please with their services. I can, and I will, without a doubt and hesitation recommend this firm. They will represent you and advocate for you like warriors. They fought for my son’s, and my rights with their teeth, now my son and I are in better conditions thanks to their extremely hard work. These two women are definitely my heroes, they are Wonder Women.”

Luisa M.